Certified Lean Management 1,990.00 CHF
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Certified Lean Management

2018-10-17 / No Comments

Learn how to create more value for customers with fewer resources, reduce unwanted activities and adopt continuous process improvement, where small changes are implemented systematically. Become a Lean Management Expert !

1,990.00 CHF
Skilltec Support
2,990.00 CHF
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Master Combo Program : Lean + Six Sigma Green Belt + Official Certification

2018-10-12 / No Comments

The Master Combo Program is designed to help you master two important management methodologies – Lean and Six Sigma – that have been brought together to accelerate business improvement. Fast track your career with this course that will give you the management qualities businesses look for and become the go-to professional for quality management projects.

2,990.00 CHF
Salouhou Mahamouda