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Employability that's all about. Changes in the workplace are the current reality. The traditional notion of a linear career is now obsolete and not likely to return. A longer life also means a longer working life. Now, you need to ensure your employability rather than focus on a safe job ! Our dynamic 4 steps framework consistently helps our clients successfully navigate transition and change. Within this framework, your career coaching programme is always designed around your individual your career goals, the challenges you're facing internally and externally and can include any number of factors you bring to the coaching process. Below is a standard description of how our Tailored Mentoring Program (TMP) can work, but varies client to client to fit your exact needs.

Career Prep.01

Career Prep.

Get your career into shape !

Our TA and Market Expert are ready to help you get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. Speak 1:1 with a Talent & Market Expert or submit your resume, LinkedIn, or for review. Whether you are actively looking for a new role, or assessing your current situation or exploring options, we partner with you to explore concrete options through step-by-step programs customized to your needs, beyond just career advice.

Get Noticed. Get Hired.02

Get Noticed. Get Hired.

Grow your network to get THE job !

80% of jobs are not posted online. Build your networking muscle with our Tailored Mentoring Programs (TMPs) to connect with the right audience. We help you got the right skills, define and position your brand to connect with our companies database.

Hire Our 'Skillters' grade.03

Hire Our 'Skillters' grade.

Find your yext great HIRE with us !

Looking for highly-skilled, non-traditional talent sources? Skilltec candidates are lifelong learners. They’ve built practical skills in our industry-vetted programs in fields like regulatory, Quality, Clinical, LEAN and much more. We make it easy for you to source candidates matched to your specific requirements. Bridge the growing talent gap by tapping into Skilltec’s global Talent Program !


It's time to RE-THINK career advice !

Transitioning into a new role, whether it’s your own decision or not, can be complicated and confusing. The stakes are high and the path is unusual. We guide you through the complexities of transitioning to help you emerge stronger than before. We take you from where you are, help you map & learn critical skills and facilitate a smooth move to your new career plan. Let's show how it works !

Assess yourself. Be aware of assets and goals.

Develop self-awareness of your strengths, values, skills, achievements, purpose and goals. Map critical skills gap and training needs, personal / cultural fit assessment.

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Align and articulate your value proposition.

Align key drivers, strengths, skills and goals to develop a relevant and powerful value proposition. Validate your training roadmap (up-skilling / reskilling strategies). Target your audience, define your job search strategy and market positioning.

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Sharpen your plan and brand yourself.

Create, develop and promote your digital identity (CV, LinkedIn, etc.). Right training selection & activation, communication plan, networking strategy, referral & outreach strategy.

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Gain and grow to convert your audience into concrete opportunities.

Interview prep & simulation, guiding and coaching for applications, track your progress & priorities, salary/benefit negotiations, culture/industry fit and much more !

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I deal exclusively with Skilltec team now, who are true professionals and excellent in career development and coaching. I know I can rely on their deep Swiss market understanding and outstanding networks. Their fantastic ability to map in-demand skills and deploy action plan to drive career change transition was crucial in my decision to change.
From the first minutes of exchange to the finalisation of the process, I always had a good feeling. Their deep market expertise, mentoring programs and strong network made a huge difference. Team will help you to understand better your strengths and how make the most of them and the areas that you need to improve in very pedagogical way. I’m very satisfied with the results of this career building approach !
Always positive and full of ideas. Highly recommended. Great working with Demba over the last 4 years.
I had worked with the other coach or TA expert as well but Demba was always the successful one !!! 🙂 Usually, I didn't have fixed ideas on what I wanted my next move to look like, however you patiently worked to clarify my goals, identify suitable target companies and present me with concrete options 🙂 Thank you for all your efforts and support. A natural connector of people and situations. He challenged me and motivated me to act outside my comfort zone. I feel very lucky having worked with him!
Great pleasure to work with Demba over these 5 years. You found me the right opportunities over these years and thanks a lot for that. Always here to help when I needed and it is highly appreciated it. As a very skilled advisor and a particularly nice person, I can only recommend him to whom it may concern ! Keep up the great work and see you for my next opportunity !
Team was instrumental in helping me with my journey when I considered a major career change. Actually you literally changed my life !
Very professional, prompt and pleasant experience with Demba's TA team. They helped me feel confident, calm, and ready for my interviews.
From the first discussion and throughout the process, I felt I was in very experienced and professional hands : they took time to understand each requirements of the position I was applying to before explaining them to me, even if they were out of his core competencies. This allowed me to be very well coached and supported by someone having a complete and transverse grasp on the reality of the job concerned. With the help of their expertise, the support could go proactively further by proposing training typically to complete my competencies. Moreover, in the meantime of our exchanges, the relation turned to a good friendship helping me achieving my career goals. I simply want to say, Thank you !


Is your resume not even getting you in the door ? Your network full of dead-ends and no-goes ? Salary negotiations ending up lose-lose ? We have a team of career & market experts ready to talk you through all of your career challenges and gain clarity on your needs & objective !



Skilltec Career Advance, Your Path to Getting Hired !

Skilltec TMPs are available through a digitalized platform to interact and work on specific skill-sets. Our methodology is based on a comprehensive workflow and one-to-one meetings with both Talent and Market Expert. We customize our support and deliver in a professional and caring manner, providing you with methods, network and job opportunities. We expertly match you with the very best expert on our team based on multiple factors we assess through your Discovery Call. You won't only get access to a strong relevant industry experience, you also get the thought leadership and expertise of the whole Skilltec team through our robust back-end coaching leadership diamonds ® expertise and our thriving coach's community.

Fill out your enquiry form and let us know what you’re looking for help with.

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Don't go it ALONE !

Is your resume not even getting you in the door ? Your network full of dead-ends and no-goes ? Salary negotiations ending up lose-lose ? We have a team of career & market experts ready to talk you through all of your career challenges !


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French, English, German


French, English, German


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