What does the phrase “lean recruiting” bring to mind? A small talent acquisition team making the most of a limited budget? Bare bones recruitment methods? Lean recruiting has been adapted from the concept of lean manufacturing, and it continuously improves the talent acquisition process by eliminating waste and increasing efficiency.

That old saying has never been more relevant to the talent acquisition space. We’re fast-approaching a time when recruiting professionals are using data analytics to guide and validate their decisions. Some are even using it to predict certain outcomes in the future.

Talent acquisition leaders who see the global talent war as really a competition over supply chain management can see the parallels here between manufacturing and recruitment.

Typical supply chains transfer raw goods through the manufacturing process and end with finished products a customer can buy. The human capital supply chain takes relationships and recruitment data and transforms that into candidates hiring managers can choose from. Looking at the process on its most basic level, recruiters move something of value (people) from a source to the consumer (employers).

So lean recruiting reviews the talent acquisition process as a whole, identifies wasteful and inefficient components, and eliminates or replaces them. This makes the overall system of identifying, acquiring and retaining candidates a better human capital supply chain.

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