Untapped Potential

Make learning simple !

Embarking on a career change is a major investment. To say it’s a tough endeavor is an understatement, as it usually requires time, money, and effort to bridge skills gaps and make inroads in a new field.

At Skilltec, we’ve helped over hundreds individuals in Switzerland launch new careers through digital Immersive programs in various disciplines.

  • Project & Process,
  • Quality & Reg,
  • Marketing & Automation,
  • IT Development,
  • Leadership Development
  • and much more.

Our passion for knowledge goes beyond the traditional, and our business model strives to bring innovation and recognition to those that need to acquire industry skills and certification.

Our vision remains the same “Become the leading edtech platform for biopharma & medtech programs !”

Our programs have a high return on investment and are specifically designed to prepare learners to be successful in the real-world and secure their employability in a long run. We’ve been busy in 20‍19 creating new MasterClass programs to keep you on the cutting-edge of tech. And we will prepare to launch our highly demanding Regulatory & Quality programs for medtech professionals !

Wherever you see yourself this year, we’re here to help you get there !

All month long, we will share latest updates & programs to fit any professional goal, along with career expert advice for how to set a goal – and achieve it !

Feel free to book your personal meeting, our talent team is ready 👉 HERE

Let’s go to make to 2020, the year for positive & impactful CHANGE !