Skilltec is an EdTech start-up specialized in delivering innovative learning programs and certifications primarily focusing on biopharma/medtech.  Our mission is to empower talent performance and growth through microlearning and technology.


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We’ve re-imagined employee education and training to meet today's talent performance.

Immersive Learning

Hands-on learning, certified interactive content, industry-designed programs, measurable progress. Choose what you’d like to learn from our extensive subscription catalogue. It’s time to transform your talent !

Career Builder

Right training for the right path, that’s all about YOU.  Our Talent Advisor (TA) will cover all stage of your search, development and transition phase with Tailored Mentoring Programs (TMPs): resume review, digital outreach strategy,  interview preps, job search booster tool, in-house boot-camp and much more !

Corporate LMS builder

Create, share and manage critical skills set within your team to improve talent retention and drive up performance within your organization : tutorial media platform, video capsules, content engineering, LMS consultancy and much more. Power your learners for tomorrow’s challenges !


We Make Learning Simple.

For everyone. From everywhere. At anytime.

Built for today's learners, our courses are accessible from any device. We strive to constantly improve our learning frameworks to make them more user-friendly, flexible and cost-effective . Our courses are upgraded continuously to ensure our learners are up-to-date on the latest biopharma / medtech industry requirements and best practices.

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Certified & Expert-led Programs.

As a CH market experts, we do speak the same language and anticipate critical learning gaps . Our training taps into what the industry needs so our learners can quickly apply in-demand and targeted skills to activate new career paths. By sharing their extraordinary network, expertise and knowledge, our subject matters experts (SME) prepare individuals for real-world situations to ensure immediate on-the-job applicability.. Develop talent with expert-led programs !

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Career Coaching & Data-driven Curation.

Not sure which program is made for you? Our TA experts will partner with you to find out the “why” with full Tailored Mentoring Programs (TMPs) We will help you select the right learning solution through personalized content recommendations to mind relevant gaps and optimize your career transition plan. Based on a deep Training Needs Analysis (TNA), we will cover all options to boost your employability and performance enhancement. Progress starts with a plan ! Let's build together quick and effective learning steps that matches your overall career strategy.

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Cost effective & Flexible payment solution.

You want to use Paypal ? or via bank transfer? Everything is very easy, flexible and cost-effective. Our unique blended model of multimedia training brings together the best of self-learning and online training. Just focus on learning your way and collect all that you deserve.

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Become a Learning Organization.

Share best practices within the entire organization.

Reaching the same standards and quality across sites is a challenge for businesses today. No matter size, sector or reach, all multisite organizations face the same need: share best practices on a large scale and maintain identical standards across multiple locations. But how can we ensure that employees are applying the right procedures and technical know-how? Can we really be certain that client experience is the same from one site to another? These questions highlight the need to adopt efficient expertise-sharing solutions. Skilltec offers new ways of sharing knowledge that are more collaborative, more agile, less costly, and can contribute to streamlining processes.

Video as a universal language

Video has several advantages: it’s accessible any time, anywhere. This is an easy way to overcome distance, standardize process and provide best practices during critical induction phase. Easily capture and share knowledge through interactive live or pre-recorded video capsules with the contribution of internal and external field experts. To “show” rather than “tell” gives better results !

Design a brilliant L&D program

Upskilling your team and improve overall retention plan. Create custom learning tracks from our highly-rated courses or choose from Course Collections pre-curated by subject matter experts. With Skilltec’s courses at your fingertips, you can design a world-class learning program without having to develop your own content. Build a collaborative environment and foster team spirit in your organization

Building employee expertise

Do you have a key set of skills/knowledge to share with you peers/direct reports to thrive and drives up performance in your organisation ? You probably never imagined the wealth of expertise at your disposal ! Easily capture and share critical in-house expertise through interactive micro tutorials & learning capsules, that can be created by anyone within minutes. Build up a network of precious experts, give them tools to contribute to knowledge-building in your company and foster knowledge sharing among your staff !

Empower talent retention & induction.

Today, age-old problems require a new way of thinking. From engaging customers, to retaining staff or developing the next generation of leaders, we must re-imagined corporate employee education and training. Learning development are one of the top three drivers of engaging and retaining top talent. The other two? Career support and the nature of the career itself. To maintain talent and avoid retention risk factors, you need to provide avenues for career and professional development. Because if you’re not willing to do it, they’ll find an employer who is !


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