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The SCRUM Agile Master Certified (SAMC®) course is your gateway to learning the most popular Agile project management methodology. This online Scrum Master certification positions you to become a champion of Agile adoption in your organization and maximize results

This training course is offered by Skilltec, Authorized Training Partner of SCRUMstudy, the global accreditation body for Scrum and Agile certifications. It has authored the SBOK Guide as a comprehensive guide to deliver successful projects using Scrum. SCRUMstudy has overtaken Scrum Alliance and to become the biggest accreditation body for Scrum and Agile certifications.

Certification Body Partner:


Program Overview:

Course objectives.

The SCRUM Agile Master Certified (SAMC) is designed to give you deep insights into the highly popular Agile Scrum project methodology. You’ll learn the key concepts of Agile as a project management approach, discover how to lead project management teams, develop and deliver high-quality products, and implement best practices in your organization. The Skilltec SAMC training will position you to be an evangelist and champion in the Agile adoption journey for your organization.

Learning Benefits.

This SCRUM Agile Master online certification training enables you to deliver products in functional stages, improve collaborations, and create a flexible process where changes are less impactful on project quality, cost, and timing. This course will enable you to:
  • Become proficient in Scrum terminologies and their applications
  • Facilitate daily scrums, user stories, sprint planning, and sprint reviews
  • Capable of producing different Scrum artifacts, including the product backlog, sprint backlog, finished deliverables, and the definition of done
  • Implement a distributed Scrum over teams spread across geographies
  • Grow into a Scrum Master role with any organization implementing Scrum
  • Setup and handle projects on a JIRA cloud site
  • Pass the EXIN Agile Scrum Master exam on your first attempt
  • Apply best practices crucial for getting the maximum value from the Scrum methodology

Exam & Certification : 

How do I become a SCRUM Agile Master Certified ?

To become a SAMC, one must take the following steps:
  • The first step towards SAMC is to understand Scrum. ‘Scrum Fundamentals Certified’ (SFC) is a FREE course tailored to help anyone interested to know more about Scrum
  • The second step is to attend SDC and SMC programs.

What are the pre-requisites for the certification?

There is no formal prerequisite for this certification. However, a SDC and SMC certified professional will be able to easily understand the concepts required for the certification exam. Alternatively, you can attend a 3-day SAMC classroom training provided by a Skilltec, a SCRUMstudy approved Registered Education Provider.

Exam Format ?

– Multiple choice
– 100 questions per exam
– 120 minutes duration
– Proctored online exam
– Current pass rate: 93%

How do I maintain my certification ?

To maintain the certification status, SAMC professionals will need to earn 40 re-certification credits every 3 years.

SAMC certification is offered by Skilltec, Authorized Training Partner (ATP) of SCRUMstudy, the global accreditation body for Scrum and Agile certifications. Earning a certification is a significant achievement. It demonstrates your expertise and knowledge of Scrum and Agile. After earning the certification, credential holders should adhere to Skilltec‘s continuing certification requirements. You may need to participate in continuous learning activities to earn Re-certification Units (RCUs) to maintain your credential(s).

Additional information

Key Features

– 180 days online access (7 days, 24h)
– Access to the Free SCRUM Fundamentals course (SFC). You get 10 PDUs with this course too.
– 40 Approved RCUs
– 42 High Quality videos and Glossary for all courses
– Reference study material – (SBOK), online Crossword, 271 Terms & Definitions
– 1 Illustrative case study
– 2 Reference Material
– SAMC Exam and Online certificate
– Access to the Mobile application.
– 2 Free exam retake if you are not able to clear the exam in the first attempt.

Target Audience.

The PMI Agile Certified Professional training program is a professional requirement across the IT and tech industry for all project management roles around the world. This PMI ACP certification training is best suited for:

– Project managers
– Agile team members
– Associate/asst. manager – projects
– Team leads/managers
– Project executives/engineers
– Software developers
– Any professional aspiring to be a project manager

Certified agile practitioners earn more than their uncertified colleagues, often with annual salaries over CHF 130,000.

Value of this course for professionals.

This PMI ACP training course will enable you to:

– Understand the history of agile, including founding, evolution, core concepts and principles
– Develop a working knowledge of the Agile principles of Scrum, Kanban, XP and TDD
– Develop the expertise of implementing multi-iterative development models for any scale of projects
– Develop the ability to deliver high velocity stories and epics
– Develop the knowledge and skills required to clear the PMI-ACP certification exam 

The course also provides an introduction to the application process for the certification exam and will show you how to best pass the exam with tips and tricks, strategies and tools.

Certification Body

Biggest Accreditation Body for Scrum and Agile Certifications:
SCRUMstudy™ has overtaken Scrum Alliance and to become the biggest accreditation body for Scrum and Agile certifications.

SCRUMstudy™ has the largest Authorized Training Partner (A.T.P.) network of 1,700+ partners that includes organizations such as New Horizons, Global Knowledge, Arizona State University, and others in 90+ countries.
SCRUMstudy™ engages the Scrum/Agile community through active discussions on LinkedIn. With over 85,000 members, SCRUMstudy™ LinkedIn Group is the largest and fastest growing Group for Scrum/Agile on LinkedIn.

Certification Process.

Skilltec's online live proctored exams allow you to take your certification exams from the comfort of your home using a webcam and a reliable internet connection. All exams will be proctored live and videos of the exams will be recorded and reviewed by the SCRUM team.

When suspected violations occur, appropriate procedures are in place to protect the integrity of the exam process.

You apply for Skilltec's online exam by logging into your account. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email with the exam link, dates, and times for the exam. You will receive your exam results immediately after you have submitted your completed exam.


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